The Evolution of the Baby Registry

best-baby-onesieNot everyone has the same priorities when it comes to buying newborn clothes. The friend sees something that is cute that they would like to see the baby in. The family member may buy newborn clothes they feel the mother or father would approve of. But the parents have to think about what’s practical and what will work for their baby. They can’t just buy newborn clothes of any size and design and hope for the best. They are the ones who have to dress the new baby.

So, they are thinking about what the baby would be able to wear, what would be easy to put on and what will fit their baby, since not all babies are the same size. They may not even know whether their baby is going to be a boy or a girl, so they might be worried about being anything that’s gender specific until after birth. This list of concerns is likely to manifest itself on the gift registry before the baby shower. It’s the perfect opportunity for expecting mothers to get just what they need for the baby, but they don’t always know what that is before the baby is born, because they can’t be sure what the baby will be like before birth.

This is something more and more mothers and fathers are thinking of in modern times, where the gift registry is ubiquitous. They can take their chances by putting up cute clothes on the registry or they can ask for more practical items that they know their baby will be able to use no matter what size or gender the baby is. Many of them are opting for the latter, making more practical choices and ensuring that what they ask for on the registry is something they will be able to use regardless.

It’s a smart move, but it’s taken a long time to get there. Before people started being concerned about whether what they are picking out would work for their baby, they ended up with a lot of unnecessary clothes that they couldn’t use. Now the gift registry is less about clothes (unless they are gender neutral and have room for growth) and more about baby essentials, such as diapers, toys and things that any baby can use. When expecting mothers use a site like newborn clothes to shop for clothes, they often do so after birth or they are very careful in their selections.

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